Introducing The New 2013 Moki The Wobbly Cat Calendar

Many of you have requested a Moki The Wobbly Cat calendar and we are pleased to announce that it’s finally here! Pre-order your calendar now through Nov. 15, 2012 by submitting a payment of $20.00 via Paypal using the Paypal button located below. All of the proceeds from the calendar will go directly to Moki’s medical fund to help cover the cost of his ongoing medical treatments which include but are not limited to his physical rehabilitation and veterinary acupuncture treatments.

Thank you so very much everyone for all of your support!

P.S. don’t forget to include your shipping address with your payment.


Introducing Gunther

This is Gunther everybody. We introduced you to him on our Facebook page on Friday.  Gunther spent the last two nights with us and several of you had questions about Gunther, who he belonged to, what kind of dog he was, and how well he got along with the kitties.  So today we thought that we’d answer some of those questions. Continue reading

Flying Safely With Your Pet


Image Credit: Doug 

Most responsible pet owners realize the dangers of placing their pets in airline cargo holds. We’ve heard horror story after horror story of pets being killed in such holds. We have in turn ran out and bought airline approved pet carriers and have patted each other on the back  whenever we have made the choice to carry our pets on the plane with us instead of tucking them away in the planes cargo hold. The problem is while we have been busy patting one another on the back for being responsible pets owners, we have failed to give much thought to the actual safety of our pets when it comes to flying. Continue reading

Purrrfect The Way I Am: The Story of Tai

To change things up a bit we’d like to share with you the story of Tai, a differently-abled pug.

(Photo of Tai Before Losing Her Eye Site)

Image credit: Risa Lindquist

My Name is Yin Tai Qi but everyone calls me Tai or Tai Tai. Mom named me Yin Tai Qi, because mom wanted to give me a powerful name so that I would grow up big and strong. I am an 8 year old pug dog. I was born in a place called a puppy mill that was in Missouri—it is gone now. My mom’s sister worked at the puppy mill and she found me squished under some other puppies. She saw that my elbows were funny, but the owners did not take me to a vet. When I got older and my elbows were still funny they were going to put me down. My mom’s sister took me and gave me to mom because my mom has good luck with special pets. She said I was mom’s birthday present. Continue reading

Greenies Launches New Line Of Cat Treats

If you follow me on my Facebook page, then you know how much I love Greenies. I honestly can’t get enough of them. As most of you know, they are my all time favorite cat treat, so when I came home to find this box of Feline Greenies had been sent to me from the Greenies people, I was in shear heaven!

Continue reading